In a significant stride towards optimizing blockchain efficiency and security, Stohn Coin is thrilled to announce the launch of StohnCoin 3.1.

Max Future Block Time Adjustment for Enhanced Synchronization

A notable enhancement in StohnCoin 3.1 is the adjustment of the maximum future block time to 10 minutes. This update aims to improve network reliability and synchronization, thereby ensuring smoother transaction processes for all users. By setting a more stringent limit on future block time, Stohn Coin addresses and minimizes potential delays that could impede transaction efficiency. This adjustment is anticipated to significantly improve the user experience by facilitating a more seamless interaction with the blockchain.

Strengthening Chain Security with Max Reorganization Depth

In a bid to bolster the security framework of the Stohn Coin blockchain, the introduction of a Max Reorganization Depth of 20 blocks is a critical upgrade in this release. This feature plays an essential role in safeguarding the blockchain’s integrity against deep chain reorganizations. By limiting the depth of block reorganization, StohnCoin 3.1 enhances the resilience of the network, thereby providing a robust defense mechanism against potential security threats.

StohnCoin 3.1 represents a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain platform. With the introduction of key features such as the Max Future Block Time Adjustment and the Max Reorganization Depth, Stohn Coin is setting new standards for blockchain performance and security. We encourage all users to update to StohnCoin 3.1.

For detailed information on the StohnCoin 3.1 release and to access the update, please visit the StohnCoin 3.1 Release on GitHub.

To download the latest wallets compatible with StohnCoin 3.1, head over to the official Stohn Coin website at

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