Listing Stohn (SOH) on a Premium Exchange: Join Our Crowdfunding Effort!

Pursuing a Premium Exchange Listing

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to propel Stohn (SOH) onto a Tier-1 Exchange. Our aim? Raising a target sum of $30,000 USD, in USDT, to meet the listing fees.

Here’s Where Your Contributions Go

The resources amassed from this initiative will directly satisfy the listing requirements presented by the centralized exchange, MEXC. Not just about listing – MEXC will strategically channel these funds to orchestrate an expansive marketing blitz. As we introduce Stohn to this new platform, the promotional push is designed to bolster Stohn’s profile, attract a fresh wave of users, amplify trading momentum, and enhance liquidity. This concerted effort mirrors Stohn’s core philosophy: championing broadscale acceptance and nurturing universal participation.

Lend Your Support: How to Contribute

For diverse asset choices, you can make your contributions in USDT across Ethereum (ERC20) and BNB (BEP20) or contribute in SOH using the addresses below.

USDT Donation Address:


Stohn (SOH) Donation Address:


Stohn Coin address

Beyond Just a Listing: The Greater Vision

Securing a foothold on a distinguished Tier-1 exchange isn’t just a listing; it’s a leap for Stohn’s broader mission. This move amplifies Stohn’s resonance across international arenas, ensuring it resonates with investors, users, developers, and crypto aficionados alike. A surge in visibility paves the way for a swift Stohn adoption, solidifying its standing in the fast-paced digital currency realm.

Stepping onto another Tier-1 platform could be the ignition Stohn needs to fuel its ascension and global acceptance. But to bring this vision to life, we lean on the strength of the Stohn community. Beyond the monetary, every gesture counts – whether it’s sharing our story, engaging actively, or fostering a dynamic community. Each step brings Stohn closer to its goals.

Safety First! Before diving in, please double-check the provided addresses. Blockchain actions are permanent. And remember, never share your private keys or confidential details. Let’s prioritize safety at all times.

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