As many of you know, we recently held a crucial vote to decide the fate of the 443,854 SOH remaining in our Recovery Fund. Our commitment to transparency and community-driven decisions continues to guide us, and this vote was a testament to that. Here, we reflect on the process and share the exciting next steps.

The Vote: In our ongoing efforts to enhance Stohn Coin’s offerings and community engagement, we proposed several options for utilizing the Recovery Fund. Each option was designed with the project’s long-term sustainability in mind:

  1. Auction all remaining coins to the highest bidder.
  2. Auction with a 90-day delivery period to minimize short-term trading risks.
  3. Auction a portion of the coins, with further details to be decided later.
  4. Allocate the coins for internal expenses like marketing and new listings.
  5. Open the floor to other suggestions from the community.

To improve upon our previous voting mechanisms and accommodate our growing activity on various platforms, we implemented a new anonymous voting system. Members were asked to send a small amount of SOH to designated addresses corresponding to their preferred option.

The Results: The community has spoken, and the results are clear:

  • Auction to the Highest Bidder: 4,000 SOH
  • Auction with 90-Day Delivery: 696,704 SOH (Winner)
  • Auction Some Coins: 0 SOH
  • Use for Internal Expenses: 202,761 SOH
  • Other Suggestions: 0 SOH

With an overwhelming majority, the option to auction the coins with a 90-day delivery was chosen. This decision aligns with our goal to ensure stability and reduce the potential for market disruption.

Next Steps: In accordance with the community’s choice, we are now preparing for an auction where these coins will be available for purchase via USDT bids. This approach not only provides an exciting opportunity for investors and supporters to acquire SOH but also funds crucial developments for Stohn Coin.

We will soon release detailed information about the auction, including how to participate, timelines, and more. This is an excellent opportunity for our community to engage directly in the growth and success of Stohn Coin.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this important decision-making process. Your involvement is what shapes our path forward and helps us build a robust and vibrant ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive Stohn Coin towards new heights!

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