Today, we are excited to share an important announcement about the evolution of our beloved Stohn Coin.

As a part of our commitment to continuously improve, innovate, and meet the ever-evolving needs of our user base, we are preparing for a hard fork at Block 104950. This will be a significant event, marking a bold stride forward in our journey toward a more robust, efficient, and secure Stohn Coin.

The centerpiece of this hard fork is the implementation of the LWMA3 (Linearly Weighted Moving Average 3) difficulty adjustment algorithm. This algorithm was not chosen lightly; rather, it was the outcome of thorough testing and valuable discussions within our community. The LWMA3 algorithm is designed to stabilize the mining hashrate difficulty, ensuring that our blockchain operates smoothly and fairly for all miners.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the LWMA3 algorithm will enhance Stohn Coin:

  • Fairness: By mitigating fluctuations in mining difficulty, we ensure that every miner has a fair chance at contributing to the network and receiving rewards.
  • Stability: The LWMA3 algorithm adjusts mining difficulty effectively, maintaining a steady creation of blocks for a consistent and predictable transaction validation process.
  • Security: Stabilizing mining difficulty helps protect against potential threats, keeping Stohn Coin as a secure and trustworthy platform for all users.
  • Efficiency: Rapid difficulty readjustment prevents periods of over or under-mining, fostering an optimally efficient and smoothly operating network.

We strongly urge all our miners, full node operators, and wallet service providers to gear up for this important change and update their software ahead of the fork. Rest assured, we will provide comprehensive instructions to facilitate a smooth transition as we near Block 104950.

We also want to reassure our community that this hard fork will not create a new coin or token. It is purely an upgrade to the Stohn Coin blockchain protocol aimed at reinforcing our platform’s foundation and paving the way for future growth and innovation.

The journey of Stohn Coin so far has been exciting, and this hard fork is another promising chapter in that narrative. Your unwavering support and engagement have been instrumental in bringing us to this point, and we cannot thank you enough.

As we prepare for Block 104950, we will keep you updated with any developments. We are here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about this transition.

Here’s to stepping into the future of Stohn Coin – together.

Git Hub Release v2.1.0:

Updated Wallets:

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