Forrest Fenn’s treasure was a hidden treasure chest filled with gold, coins, precious gems, and ancient artifacts that were hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. Fenn, a wealthy art dealer, and collector, claimed to have hidden the treasure in 2010 as a way to inspire people to get outdoors and explore nature.

In his book “The Thrill of the Chase,” Fenn included a poem that contained nine clues leading to the location of the treasure chest. The clues sparked a treasure-hunting craze, with thousands of people from around the world searching for the chest in the rugged terrain of the Rockies.

After years of searching, the treasure was finally discovered in June 2020 by Jack Stuef, a Michigan man who had been searching for it for several years. The exact location of the treasure remains undisclosed, but it was said to have been found in Wyoming.

Forrest Fenn’s treasure has become a cultural phenomenon and has inspired many people to get outdoors and explore. Even after the treasure was found, the legacy of the hunt lives on, with this new treasure hunt that has been created and launched in its honor.


The Stohn Coin Treasure Hunt Begins

We have sent 5000 Stohn Coins to a public address that can only be revealed by uncovering 4 confirmed locations using the poem of where Forrest Fenn’s treasure was actually hidden. Discover these 4 locations and use them as the passphrase to unlock the private key to claim the 5000 Stohn Coins as your own.

How It Works

The original Forrest Fenn poem that led to the discovery of the Wyoming treasure is provided below. Identify the first 4 highlighted locations mentioned in the poem and use them to create a passphrase.

Then use the passphrase to discover the private key that holds the 5000 Stohn Coins. You can visit the Stohn Coin Wallet Generator and enter the correct passphrase into the Stohn Coin Brain Wallet tab to receive the private key.

Hints For Creating Passphrase

Please observe the following rules when creating your passphrase:

  • Create the passphrase using the 4 locations from the poem where Forrest’s treasure was actually hidden.
  • Use all lowercase letters (the passphrase is case-sensitive).
  • Separate each location by a comma followed by a space (e.g., location 1, location 2, location 3, location 4).
  • A location may have more than one word, which is acceptable. Please include spaces between words in the passphrase.
  • No numbers or special characters are included in the location names.
  • Use the full name of the location without any abbreviations.

The passphrase must be exact or the wrong private key will be generated. The order, spelling, and name of each location must be accurate and in the correct order. Keep in mind that this is a virtual quest and nothing is hidden in any physical location.

Below is an example of a passphrase if location 1 was “Mount Rushmore”, location 2 was “Yellow River”, location 3 was “Keystone” and location 4 was “Rock Hollow”.


mount rushmore, yellow river, keystone, rock hollow



Forrest Fenn’s Poem

Forrest Fenn Poem

The 5000 Stohn Coin for this treasure hunt can be viewed on Stohn Explorer here. However, you must have the correct private key generated by entering the correct passphrase into the Stohn Wallet Generator to claim the Stohn.

Public Key for the 5000 Stohn Coin: T853V7LS5E5YWCt4ddC1TTQ2QVSEEj5wXa

Happy Hunting!

HINT: All 4 locations consist of 2 words each.
HINT: The treasure was located in Yellow Stone National Park

Location 1 is: boiling river

Location 2 is: sheepeater canyon

Location 3 is: brown trout

Location 4 is: ospry falls

Full answer: boiling river, sheepeater canyon, brown trout, osprey falls


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