Are you ready to test your wit and embark on a thrilling quest? Introducing the Stohn Coin Challenge, a unique opportunity to dive into the world of poetry and cryptocurrency. Hidden within the verses of our carefully crafted poem are five secret words, waiting for keen minds to uncover them. These words aren’t directly mentioned but are cleverly alluded to through the poem’s imagery and themes. Can you decipher the clues and claim your prize?

How to Participate

1. Decipher the Words: Your mission is to read the poem and use the clues to identify the five words described by the poem.

2. Submit Your Entry: Once you’ve cracked the code, enter the five words along with your Stohn Coin public key in the provided input fields, and click submit.

3. Win Big: If your answers are correct, you’ll be crowned the winner and receive a generous prize of 5,000 Stohn Coins. But that’s not all – for every week the riddle remains unsolved, an additional 1,000 Stohn Coins will be added to the prize pool.

4. Daily Limit: To keep the challenge fair and exciting, each participant is limited to 5 guesses per day. Use your attempts wisely and may the best detective win!

Starting Prize Pool: 5,000 Stohn Coins

The current prize pool stands at 5,000 Stohn Coins, but it’s growing! With each passing week that the riddle remains unsolved, the prize increases, making the stakes even higher. Sharpen your skills, trust your instincts, and dive into the poetic mystery.

Good Luck!

This challenge is more than just a hunt for words; it’s a test of perception, creativity, and insight. Gather your thoughts, decode the poem, and you could be the next Stohn Coin winner. Good luck, and may your wit guide you to victory!


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