Today, we’re sharing an important update that marks a significant shift in our journey. After much deliberation and with a vision for a brighter future, we have decided to pause the development of our Stohn Coin mobile wallet. This decision, though difficult, opens a new path forward for all of us.

A Strategic Shift for Greater Opportunities

We initially were motivated to create our own mobile wallet, investing months of hard work and resources. However, in our commitment to transparency and excellence, we’ve recognized a more promising avenue that aligns with our long-term vision.

Joining Forces with Top-Tier Mobile Wallets

Instead of continuing with our standalone wallet, we’re now focusing our efforts on integrating Stohn Coin into existing, top-tier mobile wallets. This strategy not only ensures a more robust and secure platform for your digital assets but also expands our reach and strengthens our presence in the crypto community.

Why This Change?

Our decision is rooted in a clear understanding of the industry’s landscape:

Technological Challenges: The foundational technology of our wallet, originally based on the BreadWallet source, faces uncertain future development. This could have led to significant challenges in keeping our wallet compatible with evolving iOS and Android updates.

Aiming for Sustainability: We observed that other cryptocurrencies using similar wallet foundations struggled with continuous updates and maintenance. We aim to avoid such pitfalls to ensure the long-term viability and security of Stohn Coin.

Safety and Security: Our top priority is the safety of your investments. An independent wallet might pose risks in the long run, especially with outdated technology. We’re choosing a path that guarantees security and peace of mind.

What This Means for You

Enhanced Security: By leveraging established wallets, your Stohn Coins will be stored in a more secure and constantly updated environment.

Increased Visibility and Growth: Listing Stohn Coin on popular wallets will not only enhance its visibility but also attract new users, fostering community growth.

Ease of Access: You’ll have the convenience of managing Stohn Coin alongside other cryptocurrencies in a single, user-friendly platform.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

This strategic pivot is a bold step towards ensuring Stohn Coin’s resilience and relevance in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. We’re excited about this new chapter and are confident that it will bring significant benefits to our community.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in Stohn Coin. We’re committed to keeping you informed and involved as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Here is the first list of Mobile wallets we are applying to:

Trust Wallet
Guarda Wallet
Ammer Wallet

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