Tutorial - Mine on mining pool

Mine for blocks with your Mac and the following instructions.

Instructions to mine with your mining pool.

Open your wallet.

Go to Window -> Console.
This is the console where you execute RPC commands.

Type the following command, to create a legacy receiving address for your miner:

getnewaddress "" "legacy"

Example output.


Click here to download cpuminer and extract the zip file.

Unzip the downloaded "pooler-cpuminer-2.5.0-osx64.zip" file to reveal the "minerd" file used to mine Stohn.

Open Spotlight Search and type the following:


Double click on terminal.

Execute the following command, to open your downloads directory:

cd Downloads

Execute the command below to start mining Stohn.

Make sure to replace below [PUBLIC KEY] with the receiving public address from the RPC command "getnewaddress" you ran earlier. Example public address: "SxbhMhGjf5nbDCV9u2rjvjMFgkbgXGCseE"

./minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://spools.online:8805 -u [PUBLIC KEY] -p c=SOH

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